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Blackjack is known as the most famous card game of all time. The existence of which roam all over the globe and time. There have been findings that the history of Blackjack dates back to early 17th century wherein the game was first played in Spain. It was known by different names like vingt-et-un in France and Pontoon in Spain. The modern-day Blackjack became a hit only after it entered the casino premise. The popularity of the game multiplied as it became the first game to be introduced in the very first online casinos ever to be established in the late 1990s. The 90s and the 2000s were the time when the online casinos were on a roll and the demand for a more immersive and excessive version of the classic game produced before us the most realistic version of Blackjack that enjoyed the perks of the internet, Live Blackjack.

We, at Winissimo Casino, contribute to bringing the game even closer to the players through our easy registration and quick access to the casino. 

What makes Live Blackjack unique

Live Blackjack was created in order to satisfy the demands of casino lovers who said that the online Blackjack lacked the feel of a casino and a brick-and-mortar casino was not accessible enough to enjoy casino gaming easily. Hence, the game developers came with a version of the game that had the benefits of both, online casino and land-based casino. 

Live Blackjack is played live, which goes clear by the name but there is more to it. A Live Blackjack game is brought to life with the help of a real dealer who conducts the game and against whom you can play the game. You can select a live dealer of your choice and then play the game against him/her just like the standard Blackjack game. 

Another perk of playing a Live Blackjack game is something that not many people notice but plays a vital role in having a memorable casino experience. If you play the game at our new casino online, the game is conducted swiftly and hassle-free, allowing you to play Live Blackjack a number of times in less time as compared to the land-based casinos. How is that a benefit? Well, a casino is a place where you need to be patient and play for a long time before you actually notice a significant benefit of playing the game. Now since you are playing the Blackjack game a number of times at the same time, you are also increasing the chances of making it big side by side.

Live Blackjack comprises all the pros from the aforementioned worlds and discards the rest smoothly. It has the feel of a land-based casino owing to the presence of a real live dealer, live chat feature to interact in real-time and multiple camera setup alongside the convenience of an online casino like compatibility, ease of access and exciting bonuses.

How to play Live Blackjack at Winissimo

Playing live dealer Blackjack at Winsimmo Casino is an effortless task and follows the same rules and game process of Blackjack like anywhere else. Let us cap the rules and game process of the game real quick.

The objective of the game remains the same, to get a set of cards with a higher value than that of the dealer maximum up to 21. Now before the game starts you will have to place your bets on the round you are about to play. The game begins with the live dealer of your choice dealing the cards, two up-faced for you and up-one down faced cards for himself. Now you can choose from a number of moves like Hit, Stand, Double down, Split and Surrender to attain a satisfying value and then see if you have a card value higher than that of the live dealer. 

If your cards are higher or total to 21, you win according to the payout of the casino and if the dealer’s cards are valued higher or you go bust by getting a value higher than 21, you lose the bet. 

Strategies to play Blackjack

While there may be several sites on the internet claiming a 100% working strategy, we will be honest here, none of them is certain to work. Some strategies work for some player and some don’t work at all. It all ultimately depends on your luck and the moves you make during the gameplay. However, since a Blackjack game has limited cards in the game depending on the number of decks the game is being played with, some speculations can be made. If you make the right choices under the right cards, you may have an edge over your live dealer. This is the only ‘strategy’ that works in a Live Blackjack game. 

FACT: The usage of famous Blackjack strategies like Card Counting is considered an offence in casinos.

The consequence of Live Blackjack moves

As we mentioned earlier, the moves that you make in a Live blackjack game decide your destiny in the game. Therefore, it is important to know about the consequences of the moves you can make. 

The various moves you can make in Blackjack are as under –

  • Hit When you choose to Hit, what you are asking for is a new card being dealt with you from the dealer. The new card adds up to the total value of your hand and helps you reach closer to the winning score. You can ‘Hit’ as many times as you want, but going bust is not what you will want. A bust is a phase when your total card value exceeds 21. In such a case, you lose your bet immediately. Therefore, one should never go for multiple Hits if he has already achieved a fightable total.
  • Stand – Once you have found the right-hand value, you can choose to ‘Stand’. After choosing for a stand, you cannot take your call back and ask for more cards. Hence, make this move only when you are sure of your cards.
  • Double Down – Here is where things start to get exciting. Doubling down is one of the most thrilling moves you can make in Live Blackjack. It lets you ask the dealer for just one more card and then you can double your bet. It is a high-risk option but you can benefit from it if you know the game well and are sure that your cards will be able to defeat the dealer’s hand.
  • Split – A split is a conditional bet. The condition here is that you can choose to split only if you have got a pair of the same card values. For example, 2♠ and 2♥. You can now choose to split and ask the dealer for cards for both the hands. You will have to place an additional bet for your subsequent hand and play the game separately for both the hands. This gives you two chances to win or balance your losses in the game. 
  • Surrender – The fifth and the last move of the game is to go for ‘Surrender’. When you ‘Surrender’, you declare that you don’t think that your cards are good enough to fight against the dealer or win the game. Choosing to surrender will let you save half your bet amount instead of completely losing it.  

Fun facts of Live Blackjack

  1. Live Blackjack is one of the few casino games where you can actually make your own decisions in the gameplay.
  2. Card counting may work in land-based casinos but it doesn’t work in online casinos. It is better not to waste your time on it.
  3. Blackjack is one of the oldest table games that is played in casinos. The origin of Blackjack dates back to the 17th century or even before. 
  4. People often mistake Blackjack to be a game about players getting close to a total of 21. However, the objective is to get a higher total value in comparison to the dealer.
  5. A Blackjack game may or may not have different payout ratios according to the choice of the casino. 

Now that you know the rules and game process of Live Blackjack, its time for you to sign up with our casino by providing the necessary details and get it verified. Once you are through this, you can straight away look for the Live Casino on our site on your computer or mobile and look for Live Blackjack games under it. You can easily find the games by simply setting a filter on the website for Blackjack and all the live dealer Blackjack games will appear before you. Click on the game of your choice, make your deposit, claim the bonus(if any) and the process ends here. You are good to go!

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